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What I Offer

Mobile Apps

I have mobile app developers around the world designing and developing mobile apps for a nominal fee. I can have the apps developed into multiple langauges for Windows, Android and IOS. 

I can also help design and develop app wireframes, high quality websites like, logos with trademarks, payment gateway services for E-commerce websites, social media content support and Search Engine Optimisation to allow your website to be at the top of Google.


Our Mission

My mission is to create a place where people can develop their vision and achieve their dreams.

I like to think of myself as a problem solver. I work on my own, with no staffing or office overheads so I can offer prices like no other company. – I have solved my clients problems by developing their ideas at much lower fees than anywhere in the UK or throughout Europe.


 Work Flow


I will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement from the word go so you feel confident your idea is safe and will go no further than me.

Skype / Phone Call

I will give you my email or phone number and we can arrange a time where we can talk and go through what you want to create. I will then have a clear idea on what developers are capeable of developing your app/ website etc.

5 Working Days to Recieve a Quote

I will work everything out and come back to you within 5 days with a time scale and overall price.

What Clients Say

The App Agent allowed us to create our app using bespoke technology whilst we had a patent pending. As we had our pending patent relasing information was a tricky subject. Straight away James suggested and signed an NDA and we put our trust into him in developing our app. Previosuly we had recieved quotes over 70k.  James came back to us with a quote of 25k. Highly recommended! Thankyou

Wheels Aware

From start to finish James made everything easy for us. We got in touch with James and he skyped us that evening. He signed and NDA and we gave him what we wanted.Within a couple of days he came back to us with a quote that was much lower than the current UK prices. He got us what we wanted and we are very happy with the end result! Thankyou. 

The World of Beds

James helped me to realise my dream of working in diplomacy while also pursuing my ambitions of running my own private initiatives. When I was at a cross-roads in my journey,  James showed me the way forward and made it happen within my budget. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the input of the app agent.  


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