A UK based app development company that works to build custom apps to help indiviuals build their dreams and businesses grow and develop further. I work with my clients to build bespoke apps to suit their needs.

My name is James and I have set up this company to try and help people achieve their dreams.

A couple of years back I had some ‘app ideas’ which I wanted to pursue but, I couldn’t as app development costs are extremely high. In particular, on of my ideas development costs were £95k which I couldn’t afford.
That app was developed by another company a couple years after me, and recently they raised £4 million on a crowd funding site.
If development costs where cheaper, I would of been able to create it.

I am the app agent. In recent years, I have came across multiple ways of creating fantastic apps for a much lower price.

I travelled the world searching for alternative development routes whilst doing app development courses in Dubai and Toronto to have a solid understanding of how front end and backend systems work in multiple languages.

I have highly skilled and trusted app developers around the world working on projects for my clients for a massive difference in price.

Get in touch with me via the contact page and I will help you.

A Digital Agency

Everything I do is Digital.

Design, Develop, Deliver.

Forward Thinking

With my experience and knowledge I am able to come up with ways of creating any product.

Problem Solver

I love having the task of creating new methods to get round a problem.

Customer Support

Most of my client base is by word of mouth. Maintaining a good relationship with my clients is a must. Once I deliver the product, I am still here for further support.

What I do is simple.

I will sign an NDA for you so your idea is 100% confidential.
I will speak with you via Skype or phone to get an understanding of what you want to create.

I will give you ideas and then have a good understanding of what technology and platforms you can use, how you want it to work and look and so on.
I will then speak to my developers and come back to you with a much cheaper price and development timescale within 5 working days.

I will also start offering finance deals so you can pay for your development on a contract basis through a 3rd party finance company. This way, you won’t have to go through what I went through trying to raise money for an app idea. You can pay for your development over time so you can afford it every step of the way. – From what I know, no app development company currently offers this.